One demo showed off a beating heart and we felt an unnervingly realistic ‘pulse’ in each of our trigger fingers which was very impressive, if not a little spooky. The Xbox One can also do this, thanks to the scarily accurate Kinect which can tell which person is holding which controller, courtesy of some clever facial and controller recognition. The PS4’s controller finally, at long last, has got… curved triggers. We’re happy to wave goodbye to those rubber trigger conversion kits and this is the way it should have been from the very beginning.

This extension does wonders when it comes to loading pages faster. Web Boost uses a simple algorithm for this purpose.

Everything You Need To Know About Slow Internet Speeds

Note that this fix is temporary as the issue will occur again. Test your PS4 controller with another device, like a PC or a friend’s PlayStation, and see if you experience similar issues. You should also try connecting their controller to your own console to see if it works properly.

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